Extreme Thing 2009 Teaser

(click all pics to enlarge)
Extreme Thing 2009.....what a day!

Here is a teaser photo set for you to gawk at until i can get to editing all 2,200 images from that day:

EXTREME THING 2009 Teaser Photo Gallery Link
Scott Russo offering me some mysterious grape flavored beverage....

Big B Posing for a quick shot...

Diego (Eyes Like Diamonds Singer) showing the camera some love...

Diego On Stage...

...and BIG shouts go out to HighDro for being a KICKASS MOTHERFUCKER and rolling with me all day....honestly i wouldnt have been able to do this shit without you bro..sorry about the sunburn yo :)


Blogger Alex Mo said...

Very nice; I like em all, esp 17, 34, 35, 48, 50, 59 and the sun's reflection off the glasses in 52.

April 7, 2009 at 10:45 AM  

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