Otherwise Wins $10,000 in Diablo's Cantina's Rock the Roof Battle of the Bands in Las Vegas, NV

The air was curious this night. Energy flowing through it like none other. This was not just another night of drinking and shenanigans for Otherwise. This was a night of success. After months of competing in various stages of this Battle of the Bands at Diablo's Cantina in Las Vegas, NV, the local Las Vegas Band walked home with $10,000 in cash and prizes. I was there to capture this momentous occasion with class and style.
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So after drinking half a bottle of Sailor Jerry with Matt in the parking lot for financially obvious reasons, we decided to go inside this bar on the strip and drink some more:

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Matt getting Crunk-a-fied

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Me getting Crunk-a-fied

The gang from the Vegas Indoor Skydiving Tunnel were there and were also partying it up:

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So anyway, here you can view the photos via PhotoFM.com or my Flickr photostream:

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